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How To Run 200+ Tabs In Google Chrome Web Browser Without Slowing Down Or Crashing The Browser

by Unallocated Author

Most of the people have a habit of opening multiple tabs while browsing and so here is the trick to open 200+ tabs in Google Chrome browser . Generally multiple tabs slows down the browsing speed and sometime even crashes the browser. Imagine like you have opened 200+ tabs at a time in your Google Chrome Web Browser without compromising browsing speed and finishing all your works within less span of time, won’t it be useful to do such a thing.

The Great Suspender Extension Is All You Need

The Great Suspender is a lightweight Chrome extension that lets you manage multiple tabs at a time by reducing chrome’s memory footprint for users. It also keeps some tabs in sleep mode or suspended state anywhere for 20 seconds to 3 days.  By using this extension, you can eventually enhance overall browsing experience. There are many other extensions to do this trick but this one is the best among the others.

Click here to get the extension to your Chrome browser.


Note : It may not satisfy everyone as like all other extensions it contains bug and flaws as well .

The Best Things About The Great Suspender

  • By using this Chrome extension, you can use Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and many other tabs in the background without having a fear of slowing down your system performance.
  • You can access each and every tab at any instant of time without any crash of the browser.
  • It automatically suspends some tabs in order to avoid Browser Slow down or Crash.
  • The Great Suspender Extension facilitates you to suspend particular tabs manually or else you can view them in your tab bar.
  • It also allows you to suspend specific tabs automatically that are unused for a specific amount of time say few seconds or minutes. It is not permanent suspension, as you can restore the suspended tab just by clicking anywhere on the page whenever needed.
  • The great Suspender Extension offers you additional feature where you can also add any desired site like Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, etc. to a “whitelist”, that prevents certain pages from getting suspended. If you place any site in this whitelist, no matter what happens, that site will not get suspended.


  • In this way, you can use lots and lots of tabs in your browser at a time and run them at any instant of time. By using ‘The Great Suspender’ Extension Chrome, it reduces wastage of your computer memory and enhances the battery life. 

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