7 Fancy And Protective Cases For Your iPhone

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Everybody loves iPhone, it’s very much known for it’s very fast processor and how it is the best device for any purpose compared to other devices. So to make it look extra cool, people buy fancy cases to protect it as well as look nice. Below is a collection of 7 iPhone cases which are fancy as well as protect your iPhone.

1. Highline

This case is called the “Highline” which helps you from losing your iPhone. The case itself is very sleek, but its most important feature is a bungee cord that attaches to your iPhone. A case like this is super handy if you ever try to take a photo over open water.


2. The TaskOne G3 case

It comes with a built-in assortment of stainless steel tools like a knife, screwdrivers, a bottle opener, saw blade, ruler, wrenches, wire cutter etc. The case itself is rugged and exceeds military drop testing standard.


3. The Moshi’s iPouch case

This case is been made with a special basic that removes smudges and protects your device from splashes and static charge. Also it makes it easy to keep your ear buds stowed away in a handy storage pouch.


4. OXOQO Camera Lens Case

If you are into photography and are trying to do more with your iPhone then this is the right case for you. It comes with a fisheye, wide angle, and micro lenses that you can easily screw in rather than attaching a separate device.


5. Mirror iPhone Case

This case is best suited for Women. It comes with a adhesive mirror for the inner compartment. Just open it up to reveal a mirror and you can take a quick look at yourself before taking a selfie or something.


6. iBottle Opener Case

This is a pretty cool case which opens with a opener at the back of the case. So you will always have a opener with yourself and you can use it when required.

iPhone-Cases-That-Are-Both-Useful-And-Will-Protect-Your-Phone (1)

7. FIERCE Ring Knuckle Case

This case is designed for safety, which also functions as a steadier way to hold your phone and take photos.


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