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ATM Card Hacks Under Control

by Unallocated Author

According to Rajiv Anand, Executive Director of Axis Bank said that card hack case is under control currently. Nearly 3.25 million debit security codes are asked to be changed or replaced as the card data may have been stolen in one the country’s largest-ever cyber security incidents.

“The number of the customers impacted was very very small. The number was little less than 2 lakhs.” Rajiv Anand said.

“The bank had proactively undertaken a review of its ATMs and found no evidence of any breach. The bank said it continued to work with other banks and the NPCI to ensure safety and security of its ATM network and payment services,” Yes Bank said in a statement.

According to random reports shows that  the worst-hit of the card-issuing banks were Yes Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank Ltd, ICICI Bank Ltd and Axis Bank Ltd.

State Bank of India said it had blocked cards of certain customers after being informed by card network providers about a breach outside its network, and was replacing those cards as a proactive measure.

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