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How Your Company Can Benefit From Penetration Testing

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Cyber security has never been so important to a business’s wellbeing as it is today. And it will only become more important as time goes by.

As companies roll out new safety measures, the nature of cyber threats will evolve to overcome new hurdles.

This is why organizations should always keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity. A decent password and a humble firewall don’t really cut it on their own anymore. With over 60% of hackers being able to breach an organization in under 12 hours, according to cybercrime statistics, it’s more crucial than ever to bulk up your cyber defenses.

One of the most effective ways to see how well your security system works is to put it through penetration testing. For those of you who aren’t familiar with that term, here’s a quick overview.

Penetration Testing: a Brief Explanation

Penetration testing is a simulation of a hacking scenario. The urpose of the hack is to see if your security suffers from any weak spots, and how easy they are to exploit.

Pen testing can be carried out in a number of ways:

  • External testing – the white hat hacker tries to tap into the parts of your business that are publicly available (your app or your website, for instance).

  • Internal testing – the attack takes place on the inside of your company, as if coming from a rogue employee or hacker with insider info like a password, for example.

  • Targeted testing – both the hacker and the defense team keep each other informed of what they’re doing, providing insight into the hacking process in detail.

  • Blind testing – the attacker is given nothing more than the name of the business they are meant to attack.

  • Double-blind testing – the company has no idea when the white hat hacker will begin their cyber assault, giving the security team no time to prepare.

The Benefits of Conducting Pen Testing

Conducting routine pen-testing comes with a line of perks. Here are just some for you to consider:

  1. Improved cyber security: the most obvious advantage is that your security protocols will improve. Pen testing is the most straightforward and realistic way to assess the quality of your cyber security, so you will be better prepared for an actual hack.

  2. Dodging costly breaches: organizations are under a near-constant barrage of hackers trying to burrow through. But it takes only one successful breach to heavily damage a business’ financial or other assets. Pen testing gives you the insight into exactly what you need to do to defend yourself from this looming threat.

  3. Avoid staining your company’s reputation: the consequences of a successful hack are far worse than just material. It also shows to the public, as well as to other businesses, that you’re a liability to their data’s safety. And trying to recover when nobody is willing to interact with you again is exceedingly difficult.

  4. Sparing yourself from non-compliance penalties: not keeping your cyber security up to the standards of compliance procedures can result in hefty fees. Some of these procedures, such as SARBANES – OXLEY, HIPAA, or GLBA, usually demand in-depth reports. Pen testing, as it happens, offers enough material to form a solid report that both abides by security regulation and demonstrates your organization’s diligence.

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