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Mobile Apps That Can Help You Stay Entertained at Home

by Mic Johnson

Finding new ways to stay entertained while you’re at home has become much easier with the growing number of mobile apps available. Whether the content you crave is educational, entertaining, or a combination of the two, finding ways to stay engaged at home has never been easier with the accessibility of your mobile device.

If you’re looking to develop an app in the entertainment field, it pays to not only understand the market but also to choose a developer who is also deeply aware of the trends. When it comes to developing your own app, finding the right developer such as Guarana Technologies can make or break your efforts. You’ll want to ensure the developer you’ve chosen has experience in your sector and their portfolio aligns with your goals.

Below, we’ll look at some of the best apps out there for keeping people entertained at home, and how the right developer can help you design one of your own.

Education Meets Entertainment

Using a mobile device for educational purposes combines traditional learning resources with the innovative technology we’re accustomed to using on a daily basis. There are a number of education-based apps in the market that are equally entertaining.


Duolingo is ranked as one of the best learning apps for ages 10 and above. Through word identification, oral exercises, and over a dozen languages offered, Duolingo offers a mix of education and entertainment for anyone looking to expand their vocabulary.

TED Talks

TED Talks have become increasingly popular in recent years. Scientists, authors, academic professionals, and actors have graced the stage, offering their advice and sharing stories often meant to inspire audiences. The TED app offers all of those videos in one convenient place, with over 1700 to choose from. Listen to tech gurus, musical legends, or successful entrepreneurs whenever you find yourself in need of some at-home entertainment.


Audio entertainment has seen a rise in popularity recently, and Audible — which is owned by Amazon — is one of the key players in this space, with over 450,000 titles available to its members. Its platform offers educational choices should listeners desire something biographical, while also offering great fiction options for those looking to escape into a new story.

While an Audible membership includes many audiobooks, there are also podcasts, meditation guides, and even ASMR sleep aids available. Enjoy works of classic literature, financial guidebooks, the latest recipes from top chefs, or simply laugh with a terrific comedy podcast. Whatever your tastes, Audible has something for everyone.

Staying Engaged with Exercise At-Home

Fitness is more mobile than ever with the thousands of apps available. When we look at some of the top performing fitness apps, they often have the same things in common — efficiency, accessibility, and a user-friendly interface. All of these are important if a business wishes to carve their own space in this world.

FIIT is one of the highest ranked apps in the fitness realm, reaching four and five stars on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. It offers interactive classes with a sleek design, and offers a special heart-monitoring chest strap when you sign up. Integrating those stats with real-time metrics offers users a unique way to monitor their health from the comfort of their own home.

On the gentler side, apps such as Daily Yoga offer meditation tools wherever you are. For the price of one boutique yoga class, users are given access to over 100 guided beginner-to-masterful yoga practices for 12 months. Available on iOS and Android devices, Daily Yoga offers tailored workout plans, from more gentle practices to one geared toward toning muscles. Practicing mindfulness at-home is becoming easier and more accessible with these new apps.

Finding Your Place in The Market

No matter which space you’re looking to hook with your new app, you need to find an app developer that clearly understands your vision, communicates well, and keeps you up-to-date throughout the entire design and development process. Democratizing the development of your app ensures your vision remains clear while they handle the technical side.

Whether you’re designing education apps, fitness apps, or anything else, you need to make sure that you understand the market and that the developer you work with does as well.

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