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7 Reasons to Get Certified in Cybersecurity

by Mic Johnson

Cybersecurity is kind of a buzzword these days. You hear it all the time in your workplace, on the news, and in TV and movies. Maybe you’re interested in entering cybersecurity, or you already have experience. 

Technology is now an essential part of our everyday lives. This means that we have never been more vulnerable to cyber attacks on our data, our finances, and our businesses. People need cybersecurity experts now more than ever! 

Whether you’re a newcomer or you’ve already entered the field, you may be asking yourself, is a certificate worth it? Cybersecurity is a growing industry with plenty of opportunities for people to climb the ranks. This can be confirmed using many resources such as this State of IT Jobs Map which shows the need for professionals in IT, and by extension Cyber security. Getting certified is a great way to get ahead and make your application as competitive as possible! 

1. The Job Itself

You may be thinking, is this job really so great? Why waste time and energy on a profession that you don’t love? Don’t worry—cybersecurity is full of exciting opportunities to keep you on your toes, and a certificate will arm you with the skills necessary to take them on. 

Cyber attacks can look like anything from phishing scams to hacking into the Cloud. Cybersecurity is, in essence, preventing those attacks from happening. With technology developing at warp speed, you’ll never find yourself without a challenge. 

Cybersecurity is all about keeping people safe. Taking on a job that focuses on helping others is a wonderful way to feel pride and satisfaction in your work. It gives you purpose, rather than a job that feels pointless or unnecessary. What better way to love what you do than to believe in what you’re doing? 

2. A Growing Job Market

With people sharing more info than ever before, businesses are rapidly recognizing the importance of hiring cybersecurity. Everyone is realizing that they need some extra help, and that’s where you come in. 

The internet is here to stay. What could be better job security than knowing that your talents will always be needed? It’s hard to imagine a future without digital communication or information sharing. Getting certified in cybersecurity pretty much guarantees you a never-ending supply of work.

3. Stand Out in a Crowd

If you’re thinking about the benefits of a cybersecurity job, chances are the same thought is on other people’s minds. While jobs may be opening up, applicants are sure to be rushing in. A cybersecurity certificate will definitely get you noticed. 

Completing a cybersecurity program lets employers know that you’ve got what it takes to tackle any threats heading your way. A certificate sets you head and shoulders above the rest. 

4. No Need For References

The difference between experience and certification is that with a certificate, you don’t need to prove that you’re capable of handling the job. Someone with experience just has to hope that whoever’s hiring will believe in their skills, or that a past employer will write a good reference. 

Old employers aren’t always reliable. Maybe you left a job feeling like you weren’t a good fit, or like your last boss didn’t particularly like you. It would make anyone nervous to depend on the word of someone they don’t trust, not to mention when there’s a job on the line! 

Having a certificate in cybersecurity proves that you have a combination of smarts and stick-to-itiveness—there’s no need to hope that other people will vouch for you. 

5. Get Ahead of the Game

With new technology coming out every day, cybersecurity is a quickly growing and evolving landscape. As things change, employers will look for an applicant who has the most up-to-date information and training—something past experience won’t be able to prove. 

Cyber threats against people and businesses are expanding and becoming more difficult to guard against. Anyone looking for cybersecurity wants to know that their pick has a headstart on everyone else in the applicant pool, and what better way to prove that than getting certified? 

6. Flexible Programs

Going to college is a huge investment of time, effort, and money, leaving you hoping that you’ll find a job good enough to pay off student debt. A degree may make a difference in the long run, but for many graduates, the benefits don’t come as quickly as they’d like. 

A college degree is great, but earning it may not fit in with your plans. You may need to make up for delayed milestones like building credit or buying a house. If you already have a degree, applying for advanced degree programs could set you back as well. 

When you get certified in cybersecurity, you leapfrog that whole process. Certification programs are much shorter and cheaper than bachelor’s or master’s programs, while still letting you put something impressive on your resumé. 

7. Negotiate a Raise

Speaking of getting the educational bang for your buck, one of the best and easiest ways to get a raise is to get certified. If you’re already working as a cybersecurity expert, getting certified increases your value to your employer.

Not only are you setting yourself up to succeed by proving your ability to keep up with new technology, but you can also use a certificate to angle for a raise. When you increase your ability to do your job well, your employer should make sure that your salary reflects that. 

A No-Brainer

Cybersecurity is really taking off as a specialty, and competition is bound to heat up. Yes, people are opening cybersecurity positions as they understand how vulnerable their businesses can be, but you’re far from the only person to jump on this opportunity. 

The best way to get ahead, whether that be landing a job or negotiating a raise, is to get certified in cybersecurity. You’ll get noticed by employers, solve exciting problems, and help protect people along the way. 

You won’t have to rely on the words of others or your ability to convince someone that you know your stuff. You won’t have to put off important events in your life by starting a multi-year program. All you need is to get certified in cybersecurity to set you on the path to success.


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