Bank Islami Cyber Attack Marks The Biggest In History for Pakistan

The banking sector has always been a target of hackers worldwide. This time they have targeted Pakistan. The victim Bank

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Numerous Gabon Government Websites Hacked By Anonymous Hackers Group

Recently, we heard of a massive hacking attack in Gabon (West Africa). As revealed, hackers from Anonymous claimed responsibility having

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British Airways Hack Update: 185,000 More Customers Found Affected

Last month, we heard of a shocking data breach at British Airways that affected thousands of customers. The hackers allegedly

Read more Cold Wallet Hacked Losing 50 Million TIO Tokens – TIO Coin To Be Forked

Continuing with the trail of crypto hacks, another crypto exchange has become a victim of cyber attack. This time, it

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Web Hosting Software VestaCP Server Compromised With DDoS Malware

The open source hosting solutions, Vesta Control Panel, allegedly became a victim of a cyber attack recently. As disclosed, the

Read more Suffered Data Breach As Hackers Stole 75,000 Records

Amidst all the data breaches regarding the US voters data, here comes another blow for the Americans. The government’s health

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GreyEnergy Malware Targets Energy and Transport Providers

Back in 2015, BlackEnergy malware made headlines for disrupting the Ukrainian power grid and cutting off electricity at several local

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Summary: Everything you need to know about the recent Facebook breach

The data breach which rocked Facebook is not relatively new, as the first announcement dates back to 28 September 2018.

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Sony Patched Three Critical Vulnerabilities In Smart TV Bravia

Smart TVs – despite being convenient and user-friendly they remain vulnerable to security threats. The hackers remain on the verge

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Multiple Vulnerabilities Dicovered In RouterOS That Affected MikroTik Routers

Once again, MikroTik Routers make it into the news. Allegedly, a researcher discovered several vulnerabilities in MikroTik Routers that could

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