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Hacked Websites Can Quickly Be Restored with Foresight’s Defacement Mitigator

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Hacktivists deface tens of thousands of websites each month in an effort to show the world their skills or to transmit a political message. While some attacks are aimed at organizations directly related to a cause, most defaced websites belong to businesses that have nothing to do with it.

Hackers often deface random websites, causing a lot of damage, particularly if the targeted company depends on its site for business operations.

Defacement Mitigator, the solution launched by Foresight, addresses the problem by replicating the website’s presentation layer and constantly monitoring changes.

When companies detect the defacement, they simply “turn off” the defaced website and enable the Foresight replica. The process takes 5 minutes or less.

Defacement Mitigator has been successfully used by The Weizmann Institute of Science, a world leading multidisciplinary research institution. It took less than three days to map the organization’s website and create a replica in the cloud.

“The Weizmann Institute’s website was hit by another attack shortly after Foresight was up. Our site manager pressed a button to change the DNS and the site was automatically redirected to the cloud replica. At that point, traffic and visitors were directed to the replica versus the defaced site, which performed at optimal levels given its cloud elasticity,” said Netanal Otni, the institute’s head of IT infrastructure.

“After seeing the success of Defacement Mitigator, we have upgraded to Foresight’s complete web security platform; a next-generation solution that provides us with complete protection and prevention of all types of malicious cyber-attacks, both known and unknown,” Otni added.

The solution is available as a managed service. It can be acquired as part of Foresight’s cloud-based web security platform or as a standalone product. Pricing depends on the number of domains and the traffic generated by the websites that companies want to secure against defacements.

The websites of many Israeli organizations have been targeted over the past period as part of the hacktivist operation dubbed OpIsrael. The groups behind the campaign promise to launch more attacks next month, so a solution like this one can be useful.

Additional details on Defacement Mitigator are available on Foresight’s website. Companies interested in the solution can also request a free trial by contacting the company.

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