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5 Tips To Spend Less Time On Your Phone

by Unallocated Author

In fact now days many people in the world  use mobile phone most of their life time. Research says that 23 days a year spend on your phone and 3.9 years of the average person’s life is spent staring at their phone screen. 24% of their mobile usage time goes with web browsing and apps. 57% of people says that they don’t need an alarm clock and 50% of people says they don’t wear watches as their mobile phone shows the time.

So how can we try to spend less time on it ? Its simple just follow the given steps.

1. Turn Off Notification

Turn off notification it is the best option to stay away from your mobile many people waste time by checking a single notification and turn into a half-hour of phone browsing

Try to disable unnecessary notifications, this will show a great difference. If possible try to mute your device to stop audio alerts .

2. Find Out How Much Time You’re Spending On Your Phone.

There are few apps available on market such as Quality Time for Android and Moment for iOS, these apps will monitor your phone usage and shows you how many hours a day you are spending on phone.

These apps has a feature that alerts you if you are using your phone too much

3. Set Up Phone Free Periods

Most of the people use phone while they are in the bathroom, at the diner, while watching movie or reading a book try to avoid. Try to put your mobile in Airplane Mode for the time when you are eating dinner, spending time with family or getting ready to go out, so that you don’t need to check it often.

4. Avoid Using You’r Phone As Alarm Clock.

Never use your phone as alarm clock, it is better not to take your phone into bed room, since lot of people have the habit of checking their phone once before they sleep so its better to avoid taking your phone inside bedroom.

5. Try To Have Tech Breaks

According to Dr. Larry D . Rosen  “One easy way is to slowly train your yourself with ‘tech breaks,’” Rosen tells Mashable.com “Start by looking at your phone for one minute and checking all forms of communication, including texts, calls and social media. Then turn it off, set the alarm for 15 minutes and place it face-down in plain sight. The upside-down phone reminds your brain to not release stress and anxiety neurotransmitters.“Increase your tech break by five minutes every week or so, and soon you will be able to not check in for an hour or more without getting anxious about what you may have missed,” Rosen advises. “It also trains your friends, family and colleagues to not expect that immediate Pavlovian response!”

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