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MassBleed – An Open Source SSL Vulnerability Scanner

by Unallocated Author

MassBleed is an open source tool used for scanning SSL vulnerabilities in web applications. The tool can scan Heartbleed, CCS, Poodle, Winshock, and DROWN attack vulnerabilities in target web applications.

MassBleed Installation

MassBleed requires the following scripts to perform its scan.

Heartbleed POC
OpenSSL CCS script
Winshock Script

Heartbleed, OpenSSL, and Winshock scripts are available in the source code for MassBleed. The source code can be cloned from Github using the following command.

git clone https://github.com/1N3/MassBleed

mass bleed cloning

Once MassBleed source code is downloaded, navigate to the tool’s directory (MassBleed) to change the file permissions of the scripts as shown below.

chmod +x massbleed
chmod +x heartbleed.py
chmod +x openssl_ccs.pl
chmod +x winshock.sh

change file permission

How MassBleed Works

MassBleed can perform bulk scan of supported vulnerabilities by running the following command.

./ massbleed.sh [CIDR or IP here] [port] [port # here] [proxy]

MassBleed does not scan the domain names but requires IP addresses of the target web applications. We can define a single IP address as target or range of IPs through CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing). We can also define a specific port to scan the target web application using the [port] argument. The [proxy] argument requires the configuration of proxychains.conf file at /etc/proxychains.conf to work. The [port] and [proxy] are optional arguments. For instance, we can run the MassBleed scanner in the following format to test the target IP address ( without specifying any proxy or port options.


MassBleed scans the target web application for all the vulnerabilities, such as DROWN, Heartbleed, OpenSSL CCS, Poodle, and Winshock. The tool also checks the supported Ciphers and OS version of the target web application.

all massbleed tests

We can also run the individual scripts available in the tool’s directory to scan specific vulnerability. For example, we can run heartbleed.py script from the tool’s directory to scan the target web application for the HeartBleed vulnerabilities.

python heartbleed.py

heartbleed test

What Bunny Rating Does it Get?

MassBleed is a quick way of finding the SSL vulnerabilities in the web applications. Since the tool accepts IP addresses as input, more work is required to scan websites protected by services like Cloudflare IPs, as a result we are giving it three out of five bunnies

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