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Spotify Starts Banning Users Who Hack Spotify For Free Accounts

by Unallocated Author

Quite recently, Spotify learnt that more than 2 million users had been using illegal means to access their accounts. There is a third party program that gives access to use Spotify’s services without having to spend money.

This made Spotify lose a lot of money forcing the company to take action. The company charges £9.99 for the premium account, and with 2 million users getting access to such accounts for free, it is a loss of about ten million pounds, which is huge.

With a user base of over 159 million users, Spotify is a pretty big name in the industry today but sadly isn’t protected against hacks.

There are several websites that offer doctored Spotify files that turn free accounts into premium accounts, but now with the company cracking down on such accounts, users may have no option but to buy a premium account or stop using Spotify.

What Is Being Done By Spotify?

A few days ago, when Spotify finally spotted suspicious activity from many accounts, upon investigation they learnt that illegal software were being used by many users to avail premium services.

To prevent this, the company has started to temporarily block affected accounts and is asking blocked users to uninstall and then reinstall the app to use it again to prevent such usage.

Could Spotify Lose Customers From This Step?

Currently, the company has more than 70 million users and since they’ve been wiping out the users who hacked into the app to use it for free, they may lose some. However, seeing at the growing rate of users and now more chances of increasing the revenue, it’s quite possible that Spotify could actually gain more customers than ever.

The Bottomline

Users who have been using the services by illegal means or are trying to hack Spotify should stop doing os immediately and must uninstall the app and install it again to enjoy using it. They will have to buy the services to use the app.  



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