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Hotel Wi-Fi can allow hackers to inject malware in your systems

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Cylance,  A security company , discovered a vulnerability in ANTlabs InnGate devices. These devices are in every room of hotel so that the hotel can charge the customers for the internet usage. Because of this, now hackers can attack any vulnerable system connection to Internet.

Cylance registered this Vulnerability under CVE-2015-0932 . This vulnerability gives an attacker full access to the files on the system of an ANTLabs’ InnGate devices. Remote access is obtained through an unauthenticated RSYNC daemon that is running on TCP 873. Once the hacker has connected to the RSYNC daemon, they are able to read and write to the system files of the Linux based operating system without any restriction.


When the attacker gets full read and write control to the system, they can upload a backdoor version of any executable file and then the attacker can add any user to that system with root level access.


This vulnerability affected nearly 29 countries with over 277 devices. These 277 devices could be directly exploited from the Internet. This is not a very large number. And as you can see from the above Map, these devices are spread all over the world. Cylance said that at least eight out of ten hotel chains worldwide are believed to carry this vulnerability for simply using InnGate routers such as the IG 3100 or InnGate three series.

Would it get fixed?

Yes, ofcourse. Cylance said that at this moment, the vulnerability can be decreased by blocking the unauthenticated RSYNC process from internet access, a TCP-DENY on port 873 on the upstream network device from the affected InnGate device.

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