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The Age Old Tale of Christopher Grief: Darknet Pedophile

by Unallocated Author

Do you remember one of the wins in the fight against Darknet criminals when the FBI successfully arrested and sentenced a 25 year old Long Island, New York man by the name of Christopher Grief. The depth of this man’s crimes is seriously unreal. Christopher Grief faced several significant charges for child pornography that he both downloaded and posted on Darknet forums.

Grief eventually admitted to using the anonymous Darknet browser known as Tor for his deplorable activities. He often posted and downloaded illicit videos and pictures under several screen names but the FBI found that “Mookie” was the most used. He also had a YouTube channel that he posted somewhat questionable and gross videos of what is referred to as “Plushie” acts and is just as weird as it sounds.

It involves stuffed animals and sexual acts with the toys but Grief commonly including defecation and urination acts as well. Upon discovering his YouTube channel’s videos, the FBI then began to make sense of the myriad of stuffed teddy bear images Grief had posted on social media, mainly on Twitter. While the extreme details of his Darknet activities was masked in the FBI report using code, there were enough details to make things pretty clear.

Two of “Mookie’s” favorite websites to visit were centered specifically around the torture, abuse and killing of toddlers, babies, and even animals. Grief had also posted videos of himself torturing and killing rats on these forums.

Another frequented website was for messaging and trading illicit content with other forum users. Content included the same type of horrific images and videos. Since his arrest, Grief has decided he wanted to skip the preliminary hearing. We can only hope that this story is not a prequel to other stories – although if anything, the recent child pornography discoveries involving the dark web show that it is just that: a prequel. 

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